Arbitrators come from the Adeptus Arbites. Also known as Judges, these men and women are stoic in their duty and unquestionably loyal to the Imperium. Inquisitors often go to the Adeptus Arbites when in need of a trust worthy acolyte, trained to think on their feet, combat-hardened and beyond reproach in their faith. Arbitrators are infamous for their prodigious stamina and zeal, and their ability to survive all manner of wounds and punishment in the quest to catch their quarry.

Arbitrators are resolute and fearless. They demand utter obedience from the citizens they come into contact with. Where civil unrest and crime threaten the stability of a world, the Arbitrators are in the field working to restore law and order.

The Judges’ methods are varied, not unlike the way Inquisitors go about their work. The means used can be different depending on their mentors, what Schola Progenium the individual attended and other such factors. However, unlike Inquisitors who have their own private agendas, all members of the Adeptus Arbites have the same goal and responsibility-to uphold the Emperor’s justice.

Some Arbitrators openly investigate and make no secret whom their quarry is, even if he is of noble birth or high rank. This can often lead to open hostility between the Judge and his subject, although there is no question who the off-worId forces of the Imperium would side with should they be requested to attend. This is by no means the only mode of investigation; other officers of the Adeptus Arbites are quite methodical in their approach-meticulously sourcing evidence and questioning contacts and witnesses.

The relationship between the Inquisition and the Adeptus Arbites is often one of the more cordial within the Adeptus Terra. Arbitrators often see working with Inquisitors as a way of further enforcing justice. However, such arrangements have not always worked out so well. It has been known for Judges to turn on the Inquisitors they had been seconded to serve if they believe the Inquisitor to have broken sacrosanct Imperial laws. This means Inquisitors of the more Radical factions must be wary when recruiting members of the Arbites to become their Acolytes


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