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Kingsport Horror
A long way from Kansas

The group is sent to investigate Kingsport Station on the edge of the Jericho Reach. They are aboard a Rogue Trader vessle and posing as the crew.

They reached Kingsport Station and started poking around in the bars. They learned that the Fleeting Glimpse was running something back to the Calixis Sectior. They learned that the crew of the Fleeting Glimpse often socialized with the crews of the Sassy Lady and Isabella’s Star.

Festival Part 2

Hammey, Quintos, and Jade chased a dude. Hammey and Kurt tackeled the dude and question him. Jess fought off posession by an unclean spirit. Kurt found Lord Lar’ax Melua. Lady Melua was killed. Kurt Blew up the clock.

Festival of Tattered Fates
There will be blood.

The group just left the Spider Bride and was tracking down Jackal Mask when they spotted Lady Du’landra Melua. Oral confronted her and she explaind that she was searching for her brother, Lord Lar’ax Melua, who had been taken from their home by the Beast House. The group agreed to help Lady Du’landra Melua in her search in exchange arms and armor.

The team entered the last known location of Jackal Mask but they only found a skinless corpse and some poor guality gear.

On the way to the black market the team was confronted by an abomination who seemed to be un-killable. It was attacked by several well armed individuals. Durring the firefight it killed 3 and then just left after hearing the Steel Clock strike the 2nd hour.

The group stopped to pick up some arms and armor paid for by Lady Du’landra Melua before heading to Gabriel Chase.

The group scouted out the grounds and discoved several odd items inside some secret passages.

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